Stairs 2019

Stairs 2019

  • 开发者ESRI ArcGISonline
  • 起始要素面Polygon
  • 测试状态未测试
  • 文件格式RPK(CGA OR CGB)
  • 使用条款The rule of the week is a way for Esri to share the research and demonstration work it does with Computer Generated Architecture (CGA) over the course a year with you. As such, these rules are provided as is, with no guarantees, and are used at your own risk. We will not be updating them over time, and they serve primarily as examples of what can be done with CGA.
  • 最近更新2022年07月08日
Stairs 2019.0
Create a flight of stairs on a polygon or street shape.  With stairs.cga, the stairs ascend/descend with the slanted polygon or street shape.  Use stairs_from_flat_footprint.cga on flat 2D polygons.
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